The Blog

The Baltimore Experience is all about giving you good advice on what to see and what to do in the great City of Baltimore and the DMV as a whole based on people’s actual experiences. This isn’t just a review and rate it site, this is a blog which offers unique advice from our eight contributors’ personal experiences at each location. We give you the information, photographs of the experience and our opinion, but it is up to you to decide whether each place is a must see or a no go.

Commenting is encouraged as it often takes more than one experience to really understand each location and determine whether it is worthy of fame, an overrated destination, or a hidden gem.

The Authors

imageedit_1_7924468014Suz Amedi
Suz is a rising college senior majoring in International Studies and Economics and living in Baltimore. She likes trying out new places in the city – especially restaurants! She runs a blog on food and cooking called Eating Happily.

about me photoChris Douglas
My name’s Chris. I’m a 20 year old big-headed college student at Johns Hopkins University. I also own a talent management company. I’m a blogger who has never written before, a music minor who has never played an instrument before, and an economics major who has never successfully done derivatives before. My life’s full of paradoxes and I love sharing my bad experiences so you don’t have to. Just sit back, relax, and laugh at it. And check out my blog called Paradoxical Tripups.  Enjoy!

AElsberry_BioPicAshley Elsberry
Ashley Elsberry is a Junior at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. She’s studying Molecular and Cellular Biology, and plans to work in medical research or science writing. Originally from Alaska, she often complains about the heat in Baltimore. She’s much happier in the winter, wearing just a sweatshirt! Ashley writes a blog about traveling in Alaska.

Bio PhotoCatherine Fleet
Catherine is a a rising junior in high school. She runs a travel blog called Traveling Beyond the Bookshelf, which focuses on connecting literary settings with actual destinations around the world. She is an avid reader of Jane Austen and John Green, and her hobbies include reading, tea, Downton Abbey, and anything English!

bio picAlena Flick
Alena is a rising senior in high school. She hails from Cincinnati and loves writing and drawing. She is also waist-deep in fandom most of the time, and she runs a blog that serves as a guide to fandom called Survival of the Fannest.

Nick McAfeeNick McAfee
Nick  is a student of Princeton University pursuing a degree in Archaeology. He is has lived in Baltimore the past several years and calls Charm City his home. His interests include museums, history, marketing and revelry. To learn more about Nick and his main hobby, mixology, check out his blog Broke & Thirsty: Elegant Cocktails with Economic Constraints.

edit_picture0001Jin Park
Jin is a Hopkins undergraduate. Although Jin is not a professional, he has been cooking since his high school years. He started the blog The Korean Food Watch because he believes that his food recipes can contribute in pursuing the greatest goal of culinary art: making people happy.

hopkinspicWilliam Prior
I’m a rising junior at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, pursuing a double major in English and economics. I’ve lived in Maryland most of my life, between the Baltimore and Annapolis area. I’m a big fan of the beach, food, poetry, music, art, stories, and people. Check out my personal blog looking at current political and economic events at Politically Economic


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