3 Reasons to avoid Lexington Market

Ah, the (self claimed) world-famous Lexington market. You probably have read all those fabricated praises when you picked up a tour brochure in the morning. Well, although the Lexington market is somewhat Baltimore’s historical place, I seriously advise you to stay away from this place. Sure the outside is pretty nice. But what’s the point of pretty outside if the core is completely rotten? Here, I will even state the 3 reasons why you should avoid this place.

  1. Parking is hell
    Well, although this is common in most tourist attraction, Lexington market is one of the worst places to go with a car. Because the parking services will over charge you, some shady guys with crowbar will skim through your vehicle to see whether you are leaving some valuables behind, and the terrible driving manners of the Baltimore will seriously piss you off.  Need I say more?
  2. The neighborhood is shady
    The Lexington market is placed right in the middle of Baltimore downtown. The problem is, this is where the Baltimore’s largest “hood” is placed. You definitely will see shady guys that you can tell they have a gun concealed in their pocket. So if you value your life, I would advise you to not even get close to that place.
  3. Seafood is overpriced and not fresh
    Although on the internet people will say this is where they sell the best seafood in Baltimore, that’s a blatant lie. First off, most of the seafood sold in Lexington market is either spoiled or pre-steamed. I read that I could buy live crab in the Lexington market, but when I visited there, only thing I was able to buy was dried out steamed crabs. Secondly, hygiene is simply terrible. I literally saw maggots in one of the cocktail sauce bottle at the oyster bar. It was simply disgusting; I actually threw out all of my oysters and rushed to the bathroom. And lastly everything is so overpriced. That dried out crabs costed $12 for 6 female crabs. I can buy freshly steamed ones for dollar each at my local joint!

So I assure you, visiting Lexington market will be unpleasant. Avoid this place!


About The Moderate Skeptic

I believe one thing: Freedom of Speech. The internet is a great place; it provides vast information and grounds for ideas to flow. But at the same time, it is filled with extremists too. So I wish to provide a place that the reasonable people can discuss and debate, without fearing anyone slandering others for disagreeing. Welcome to this my blog, and let the civilized ideas flow.

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