Like my Beehive Hairdo, Hon?

by Ashley Elsberry


Technically it’s W. 36th St. But ‘The Avenue’ just sounds sooo much cooler.
Source: Chriss Trotter

‘The Avenue’ in the Hampden neighborhood is known for its quirkiness, and for everyone calling everyone Hon. The shops and restaurants along West 36th Street (known to Hampdenites as The Avenue) exhibit bright colors, pink flamingos, art, some indie feels, and throw-backs to the 1960s. There’s an annual HonFest here where people dress up in colorful, quirky, 1960s style costumes – beehive hairdos included.

Destination Main Street provides more detailed info on the area, where small businesses have banded together to keep large brands off the Avenue and keep it full of quirky independently-owned fun businesses. The Hampden Village Merchants Association provides great background on the neighborhood, as well as a downloadable brochure on the shops, food, and services available, plus a handy map.

If you head down to Hampden (And you definitely should) get dessert at the famous Cafe Hon. Don’t worry about not being able to find the place. It’s that building with the giant pink flamingo out front.


See? I wasn’t kidding – it’s a giant flamingo.
Source: Michael Hansen


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