7 Reasons To Try Berry Picking


How many college students wake up at 9AM on a Saturday and drive for 45 minutes to pick berries? The answer, as my two friends and I realized once we arrived at our destination, is….three. Larriland Farm located in the small town of Woodbine, is one of a few pick-your-own farms in the state of Maryland.

I’m not exactly Anne of Green Gables or anything. Going to a farm to pick berries is one of those cutesy activities I’ve seen pictures of in women’s magazines and hipster blogs and thought, “That’s weird and adorable. I should do that.”

Enter, Larriland Farm.


You may be thinking to yourself, “Why go to a farm for berries when I can just get them at my local store?”


Great question. Here are a few reasons:

  1. You can get a nice summer tan (Vitamin C and D – all in one sitting!)
  2. Hipster street cred.
  3. To remember that there are places with less pavement and things like flowers and grass and birds and stuff.
  4. Because these berries taste so much better than anything from the store. They’re grown in season, after all!
  5. Prices are reasonable.
  6. The farm is just beautiful.


7)      You can enjoy the fruits of your labor (I’m sorry, I had to) so much more after realizing that you picked them yourself!

Thankfully, I had a friend with a car who was willing to go on this weird trip with me. If you’re not as lucky, find out who has a car and befriend them. Then, after a few weeks of spending time together and pretending that you are not just hanging out because they have a car, convince them to go fruit/vegetable picking. Check out the Larriland Farm website here.

And if the idea of fruit picking is not convincing enough, show them any of these 35 wonderful  blueberry recipes and they’ll be dying to go in no time at all!


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