Maxie’s Pizza and Bar–Restaurant Fail, Bar Win

by Jin Park Maxies If you visit the Johns Hopkins University area on a trip to Baltimore, you have a few restaurants you can visit. Directly across from the southern end of campus, Maxie’s is definitely the most obnoxious one. Let me set things straight. Depending on what you prefer, Maxie’s can be a great bar or a sub-par restaurant. Why? Their food’s quality is average bar food quality yet their price point is that of a somewhat-classy restaurant. Pizza Stand The menu and pizza selection provides much variety. The good part ends just there. While it is nice to see many different toppings for pizza, they are all just mediocre. Furthermore, when each slice cost nearly $4.00 after tax, it just ticked me off. It’s too expensive, and they do not offer anything that’s mind boggling or creative that would make me pay that amount for a slice. IMG_20130727_204423-Burger So how about the other food? Sadly, they are all overpriced and mediocre as well. For example, this is a burger that I had at Maxie’s. Can you spot the problem? You probably can, as the fries were slightly burnt. But the problem does not end there. A great burger requires a nicely seasoned juicy patty, but what Maxie’s offered me was just simply a disappointment. It had no taste at all. The meat seemed to be only seasoned with salt and was horribly dry. With the price point of $10, I was very dissatisfied. However, for bar food, this was not that bad. At least it was palatable, and if I was not sober I would probably have enjoyed it much more. If you consider the price of food in a bar, it’s still a wee-bit overpriced but within the expected range. Portion size is a plus though, it’s pretty large so you probably won’t have to order another dish while you drink. The waitress and bar tenders are nice too. Although I can clearly see some of them are overworked from shades below their eyes. I also have to consider that I visited this place during Saturday night, the busiest night for all bars. Though the overpriced food and dozens of Natty Boh’s you will reluctantly order when the bartender smiles and entertains you might break your wallet, the environment in general is simply a nice as a bar. So this is a hard call to make. If you value food over atmosphere, I would say to avoid this place. But if you are looking for a bar where you can grab a couple of cold ones and watch the game or talk to bartenders, this is pretty good place to go. Overall, I’d say this place sucks as a restaurant–but is an awesome bar.


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