How to Relax in the Capital, or Jazz in the Garden

by Nick McAfee

While the location itself might be overrated, Jazz in the Garden on Friday nights is not. Famous to a small but loyal crowd and seldom frequented by tourists, Jazz in the Park is a must see if you like the genre.

Image 1

While it irks me that you are allowed to bring your own food but not your own alcohol (they serve several beers and wine for the occasion), Jazz in the park is an amazingly peaceful experience for being in the middle of such a busy city. And I guess I can live with buying a couple beers since the concert was free. But why couldn’t they have something better than Stella Artois?

jazz in the park

The sounds of the music mix with the sounds of the fountains to create a new work that will only last that moment. It’s almost a magical experience: you, the musicians and the water…and several hundred loud other people. Ok, so maybe it isn’t magical. It is however quite relaxing. Jazz in the Park offers a refuge from the otherwise busy life of the nation’s capital and provides a tranquil way to begin your weekend. If you are able to be in DC on Friday evenings during the summer, I highly recommend you attend at least one concert.


There is a great list of upcoming jazz musicians, check it out to better plan your visit.


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