Mount Vernon Travels

by Suz Amedi

Mount Vernon, one of the more beautiful and quaint places of Charm City, is well worth a bus or bike ride. This place is full of many wonderful restaurants, museums, and attractions. A Mount Vernon traveler can pick up kebobs at Cazbar or the Helmand if they want to be swept up by the winds of the East. Or, they could take a quick stop at Marie Louis Bistro for some light and classy dinner fare on an outside table. And what if the traveler wants to enjoy one of the Top 10 Pizzerias in America? Oh right, there’s a place called Iggie’s perfect for that too.

Of course, Mount Vernon has a lot more than just fantastic restaurants. This place has both the Walters Art Museum and the Peabody library within walking distance. For those who have not seen it, the Peabody is a real life reanimation of the library from Beauty and the Beast. It’s enough to make any student tingle with jealousy!

The Walters Art Museum itself is internationally recognized for its collection of art ranging from artifacts of Ancient Egypt to 19th century American paintings. In fact, any Walters traveler can easily get lost amidst the many wonderful objects the museum holds!

But for those who don’t want to see history in a building, but history as a building – there’s the George Washington Monument. This eye-grabbing monument is one of the first things anyone in Mount Vernon will likely see. Built in honor of George Washington in 1829, the Monument overlooks most of the city and is situated only a few feet away from the Peabody institute.

Give Mount Vernon a try – with so much to see and do, you can’t go wrong!


One comment

  1. Great overview of all Mt. Vernon has to offer, Suz! I like your clever line, “But for those who don’t want to see history in a building, but history as a building …” And I love the Peabody Library. I went there with a class once, and the people in charge let us go in the back and look through the old books they were processing and repairing. Someone asked our guide what was the most interesting thing she’d seen in the old manuscripts – her answer was centuries-old French porn!

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