Want to See the World (And Mummies)?

by Ashley Elsberry

The Walters Art Museum in Mt. Vernon provides a view of the World all in one place. And, the building is professed to be free of zombies. Not so with the mummies.

The Chamber of Wonders, one of the rooms at The Walters Art Museum. Source: Walters Art Museum

The Walters Art Museum in Mt. Vernon contains various types of art spanning history, the world, and mediums, all available for visitors to see for free. To mention just a few of the displays, there’s ancient mosaics, Impressionist paintings, Grecian pottery, Egyptian figurines (MUMMIES), Buddhist sculpture, and even a room full of armor and swords. There are always special exhibits (which cost money…boo…), such as the current exhibit on medieval books: “Living by the Book: Monks, Nuns and Their Manuscripts.”

The entrance to the Egyptian Gallery at The Walters Art Musuem.Source: Lucas Livingston

The museum’s layout and architecture is amazing. The lobbies, hallways, and stairways are decorated with sculptures and paintings, the columns themselves are pieces of art. Many of the themed rooms holding the majority of the art don’t simply put everything on a shelf in a glass case. There’s the Japanese Study, Sculpture Court, Collector’s Study, and Knight’s Hall, all set up to closely resemble their namesake. The studies are painted, furnished, and decorated according to subject and time period. I probably wouldn’t get any work done in a study like one of these, though – there’s too much to look at, all of it more interesting than doing actual studying. The Knight’s Hall includes stands of armor, a chandelier of antlers, and a medieval style table (it’s a regular rectangle one, though, not the famous round one) which visitors can sit at and admire the tapestries and furnishings. You could totally imagine plotting world domination here.

The Salon Room at The Walters Art Museum. Source: Lucas Livingston

Nearby is the Washington Monument, Mt. Vernon Park, the Peabody Library, and many impressively built churches. Any visit to the Walters should include time to wander around outside the museum itself. Unless it’s raining heavily. Or there are zombies running around outside. Then stay in the building, grab a shiny sword, and take your chances with the mummies .
Have a favorite exhibit at the Walters? Know the best way to impersonate an art snob or arrogant historian? Let us know in the comments!


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