The Hunt Valley Towne Center

by Jin Park


Let’s face it. Except for the Inner Harbor, Baltimore city is not the prettiest place that you have seen in your life. Even the malls look generic and for added bonus, they are often dangerous late at night. so today, I want to introduce a nice little suburban mall that offers nice landscaping, a safe environment, and relaxing atmosphere: the Hunt Valley Towne Center.


The Hunt Valley Towne Center is located in Hunt Valley(Duh), and although it is located little bit far away from downtown Baltimore, it is not hard to approach. There is a light rail station right in front of the mall, so as long as you have access to public transit you can easily reach there. Once you step down to the platform, you will see a nice little village themed mall.



The Hunt Valley Towne Center offers quite a variety of attractions. As you walk in to the mall, you will first see the usual shops, such as Subway, Panera, and so on. However, as you walk into the mall, you will see much more interesting shops. Furthermore, the mall has quite a selection of restaurants too. So the mall covers from quick and cheap meal to nice grand dinners. It’s also easy to spend time in the mall since there is a Regal group cinema, showcasing the brand new films of your choice.


Furthermore, there is a small park in the middle of the village. From June 6th to August 30th, every Friday there is a concert that you might want to check it out.


One of the most interesting place in this mall is Wegman’s. On the outside, it seems to be a typical grocery store. However, what really get’s interesting is the inside of it. First off, their interior is absolutely amazing. They are all decorated with unified marble theme. Also, they have nice selection of food too. Often times, they will be the only grocery that carries unique ingredients that you wouldn’t find in the other grocery stores, like duck confit or foie gras.


But the best part is the food court. All right, I admit that they are bit pricy, but they offer such a huge variety that you can enjoy. From Asian to back home American BBQ, they have vast amount of selections. So it is pretty nice.

If you are looking for Baltimore’s unique experience, then the Hunt Valley Towne Center might not be suited for you. However, if you want to just spend your weekend in nice relaxing place, the Hunt Valley Town Center could be the right place for you. Plus, you don’t have to worry about massive amount of tourists :).If you want to know more about this place, you can find out more information at the Hunt Valley Towne Center website


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