Paper Moon Diner

by Suz Amedi & Chris Douglas

Real life version of, “Are you Afraid of the Dark”

Eat dinner while reliving your worst nightmare


Paper Moon Diner – a place “where comfort food meets Baltimore” – is a campus hotspot for hipster OKCupid dates and college study breaks alike.

Despite an off-putting interior and exterior, the menu is exceedingly dope.


Below the creepy doll head, you’ll see specials ranging from caramel mocha pancakes to spicy ginger-soy beef brisket wraps. The menu itself is as bizarre and wide-ranging as the specials, containing unique milkshake combinations to delicious pasta dinners. In fact, it is difficult to go wrong with any of the options that the diner offers – until you get to the Bacon Milkshake.


“So bad,” said the victim of this particular Paper Moon selection. A victim of his own poor choice, we say. It reels you in with its initial sugary punch, only to leave a crippling salty, bacon-y aftertaste for far too long afterwards. However, moments after, you find yourself willingly reaching for this deceptive drink and experiencing the Bacon Milkshake rollercoaster all over again.

So bad.

The meals themselves – French Toast with Vanilla Custard and a “Smartypants Burger” (gardenburger with caramelized onions and goat cheese) – were savory and enjoyable enough to make us want to come back. Check it out below!

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