Getting Around Baltimore Without Breaking the Budget

by Jin Park, William Prior, et al.

A variety of transportation options make Baltimore cheaply accessible in the heat of summer

For a 20-something without a car, ease of transportation is an essential problem for engaging in a city. ArtScape is cool, sure, but how are you going to get there with a group of friends? Thankfully, Baltimore provides a variety of cheap public services connecting all sorts of areas in the city. From parks to museums, events and restaurants, this guide will give you the ability to determine how best to get where you’re going.

source: Baltimore Sun

The Maryland Rail Commuter Train. source: Baltimore Sun


MARC stands for Maryland Rail Commuter service. It’s basically a local train, and if you happen to be from California, it will be quite familiar to you since it runs exactly the same way as the Metrolink. The farthest it will go is to the Washington DC, and it only costs $14 round-trip. Of course, if you are going somewhere within Baltimore, such as Camden Yards for a ball game, then it’s even cheaper.


Interior of a single tier car on the MARC

Although not as new, the single tier cars are far superior to their new double pecker siblings.  The double-decker cars tend to have a lot of sway even if you are riding in the lower car, so I always choose the slightly dingier single tier cars for a smoother ride.

The light rail in Baltimore.  Source: James Williamor

The light rail in Baltimore.
Source: James Williamor

Metro System

The Baltimore Metro system is governed by Maryland Transit Association and includes light rail, metro subways, and local bus lines. Don’t let the $1.60 mark fool you! The day pass that you can purchase for $3.50 lets you ride any of those services unlimited for a day. It’s a very cheap way to go around if you have some time to spare on a commute that’s less direct (but way cheaper) than a taxi.

The Charm City Circulator.  source: The Baltimore Sun

The Charm City Circulator. source: The Baltimore Sun

Baltimore Charm City Circulator

The Baltimore Charm City Circulator is a free tour bus operated by city of Baltimore. It operates around the local hotspots that you might be interested in, such as Inner Harbor, and it stops every 30 minutes. It’s also safe and clean, as the most people using this circulator are tourists. However, do keep in mind that it gets quite crowded in traveling season.

A water taxi in the Inner Harbor passes by the National Aquarium.

A water taxi in the Inner Harbor passes by the National Aquarium.
Source: Marcin Wichary

Water Taxi

Depending on how cold the winter gets, the Baltimore Water Taxi runs nearly every day year-round. One way adult tickets are $7, and it’s $6 for kids. The much better deal is to get the $12 all day adult pass, as the stops are near several great attractions, like the National Aquarium and Fell’s Point.


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